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Links to free chemistry Content for Poser

Chemical and Science-Content from 3D-Cluster
  Chemical and Science-Content for Poser from 3D-Cluster

Laboratory (www.fast3d.co.uk)
  Laboratory (free)

Laboratory Prop (lab108-x0.com)
  Different Laboratory Props (Bottle, Test tube, Syringe, Water feeder, Microscope)

Chemical Store (www.fast3d.co.uk)
  Chemical Store (free)

Lab Props (www.3dtrue.com)
  Chemistry Alchemy Poser Lab Props

Different free props
  Different free props (for chemistry renders): Aerosol Can, Bubbles, Bomb, 5 Litre Can)

TCDD - Molecule (lab108-x0.com)
  2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin - Molecule

Industry Props (www.poseruniverse.com)
  Different Props (Tank, Water Filter, Industrial platforms)

Lab Coat (www.philc.net)

Chemistry Set (www.traugs.com)
  Chemistry Set (Laboratory Props)

Makemol - Test Tube
  Makemol (Create Molecules for Poser), Test Tube

Lab Equipment (3ds)
  Lab Equipment (3ds) - Bunsenburner, Condenser, Flask, ...

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