Links to free chemistry Content for Poser

Chemical and Science-Content from 3D-Cluster
  Chemical and Science-Content for Poser from 3D-Cluster

Laboratory (
  Laboratory (free)

Laboratory Prop (
  Different Laboratory Props (Bottle, Test tube, Syringe, Water feeder, Microscope)

Chemical Store (
  Chemical Store (free)

Lab Props (
  Chemistry Alchemy Poser Lab Props

Different free props
  Different free props (for chemistry renders): Aerosol Can, Bubbles, Bomb, 5 Litre Can)

TCDD - Molecule (
  2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin - Molecule

Industry Props (
  Different Props (Tank, Water Filter, Industrial platforms)

Lab Coat (

Chemistry Set (
  Chemistry Set (Laboratory Props)

Makemol - Test Tube
  Makemol (Create Molecules for Poser), Test Tube

Lab Equipment (3ds)
  Lab Equipment (3ds) - Bunsenburner, Condenser, Flask, ...